Times Square at Midnight

Last month I wrote about my birthday trip to New York City and how much fun Dave and I had exploring the city. I did not take my camera out too much during the weekend (mostly because we were lugging our overnight bags around and I just didn’t have my hands free) and shot primarily on my iphone. However, when we first arrived into Penn Station around midnight I took my camera out for a few minutes in Times Square before heading to the hotel. Times Square is such an interesting place. It’s bright as day from all of the lights and full of tourists – even at midnight. I enjoyed seeing all of the street performers (for some of them the word ‘performer’ seems like a stretch because they are really just people in costumes, but I will give it to them) and just the overall ambience of the area. I think I have come to the conclusion that Times Square is better at night.

NYC-1This family reminded me a little bit of this.

NYC-2 NYC-4 NYC-6 NYC-7 NYC-8Had to get a jump start on the street food.

NYC-9 NYC-11Happy Wednesday!

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