Hi. Welcome to Baker Stories

We are Erica and Dave Baker – professional photographers and filmmakers, and our work takes us all over the world to tell stories. We love to travel and between the two of us we have traveled to more than 30 countries and hope to continue to collect passport stamps. Other than storytelling and traveling, I often blog about home decorating, photography, and tid bits from our daily lives.

More about us…

Dave and I met in high school – some people really do marry their prom dates – and dated all through college. Our love for traveling developed while we studied in Ireland for a semester and spent a few weeks backpacking in Europe. We were married at the ripe old age of 21 and moved to Washington, DC one year later. We are completely smitten with our nation’s capitol and absolutely love living here.

We travel internationally a few times a year to work on projects, but during the summer of 2015 we fulfilled a long held dream of ours to travel for an extended period of time. We got rid of our apartment and put all of our belongings in storage to spend a few months traveling and we had an incredible time! We returned to DC and since have purchased a home in Southeast, DC.

About Erica

Erica is an ENFP, the primary writer of the blog, and a freelance photographer in Washington, DC. She began her photography career while pursuing a degree in Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation when she felt compelled to capture the stories of the incredible individuals and organizations she met along the way. Erica is the creative one, the dreamer. When we travel she is always the one in charge of itineraries and finding the best destinations. Always. Erica loves flea markets, reading fiction, and collecting passport stamps. She has an irrational fear of bumblebees and rarely makes it through a day without drinking an unsweetened iced tea.

About  Dave

Dave is an ESTJ, Video Producer and the Managing Director of Bittersweet Creative, a storytelling consultancy based in Washington, DC. He has worked on projects that have gained national recognition and industry nods including Telly, Cine, Webby and W3 awards. Dave is the level headed one, the strategic thinker. When we travel he is always the one in charge of packing and navigating. Always. There are few things he loves more than a good slice of pizza, a well designed bag, or his moleskine journals.  His favorite childhood memories took place at the lakeside cabin that his family built in Gananoque, Canada. 

Our Work

We’re in the business of telling thoughtful, compelling stories. Erica is a freelance photographer who specializes in documentary photography for non-profits and commercial clients. She is also passionate about connecting with others through telling her own story on this blog, Baker Stories, where she often writes and high lights her travel photography. Dave is a Video Producer and the Managing Director of Bittersweet Creative, a storytelling consultancy based in Washington, DC. Both Dave and Erica frequently contribute to Bittersweet Monthly, an online publication that features organizations doing inspiring and much-needed work in response to the critical social issues of our day.

Let’s Connect!

We would love to meet you! We are continually inspired by the power stories have in shaping ideas and culture and love connecting with blog readers and making new friends. Are you going to be in the Washington DC area? Let’s grab some coffee – the only thing better than blog-friendships are in-person chats over coffee.

Are you a filmmaker, photographer, or traveler who is curious about how we travel with so much gear? Check out our gear list to see what we bring along!

Interested in working with us? We are available for projects worldwide. Send us an email at

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