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I had the realization yesterday that we have now finished 25% of 2014. What?? I don’t know where the last three months went! When I reviewed my 2013 goals at the end of last year I saw that I hadn’t accomplished all of things I’s set out to. In fact, I was even surprised at the goals I’d written down – I’d completely forgotten about some of them! It was then that I realized that a huge part of setting and accomplishing goals was keeping them in the front of your mind. A revolutionary concept? Probably not, but I am really trying to work on that for 2014. One of the ways I am doing this is adding a Quarterly Goal Review to my calendar. What goals did you set back in January? Go look at them again. Let’s conquer April – June everyone!

Another way that I am going to keep up with goals is through strategic weekly and monthly goal setting. I just started using Lara Casey’s Power Sheets to begin this process. I filled out the beginning sections but April is the first month that I am using them – so I will let you know how that goes!

A few of this month’s personal goals:

  • Go to the Gym more  – Went to Spin class this morning, so starting the month off right!
  • Finish reading the New Testament – About half way done right now
  • Go see the Cherry Blossoms – Spring has to come some time right?
  • Clean out my closet – Spring cleaning anyone?
  • Sand and Stain the table Dave built

A few of this month’s business goals:

  • Blog 5 times a week (M-F) – Whoa. I am a little nervous about this one!
  • EBP Spring Family Session Giveaway – Can’t wait to tell you more about this!
  • Restructure EBP Family Pricing – Finalize and Design new pricing sheets
  • Organize our Hard Drives – This needs to happen so badly!
  • Pre-production and Post-production for a few Baker Stories projects
  • Work on EBP and BTS ‘About’ pages

What kind of goals do you have for April? How do you keep goals at the front of your mind and actually accomplish the items on your list? I’m seriously looking for tips, people!

April. We’ve so got this.

PS – A huge Thank You to everyone who participated in our survey last week. The information will help me a lot as I blog 5 times a week this month!!

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