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We recently bought a house and have spent the past few weeks settling into our little 1940 fixer upper. When we moved in I made a commitment to always have my camera sitting in an accessible place so that I could readily grab it when the mood strikes me. Capturing our little family in a photojournalistic way is very important to me, so having a house with a lot of natural light streaming through the windows and a camera sitting out on my coffee table has been a little bit of heaven for me.

We are planning to renovate our home, so I have hesitated a little when snapping photos because the backgrounds are far from perfect, but that’s our life right now I believe it deserves to be captured. I hope someday we will look back on these images from this stage of life and comment on all the progress we’ve made on our home projects and on how much Coen has grown.

I thought it’d be fun to share our every day moments through small photo essays on our blog so consider this the first of a series of posts. This first one was shot over the course of about ten minutes as Dave and Coen did their nightly bath time rituals. Dave fondly refers to bath time as ‘guy time’ and watching them together is one of the sweetest parts of my day. After Dave comes home in the evening after work, Coen’s bath is their time to bond and unwind before bed. I am so glad I captured these little moments – and ignored the current state of our house – I will cherish these images forever.

coen-and-dad-bathtime-100 Bath Time Baker Stories

coen-and-dad-bathtime-103 Bath Time Baker Stories

coen-and-dad-bathtime-105 Bath Time Baker Stories

coen-and-dad-bathtime-104 Bath Time Baker Stories

coen-and-dad-bathtime-108 Bath Time Baker Stories

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