Night Walk in Chicago

Last week Dave and I flew to Chicago for his brother’s wedding, and it felt good to get a little dose of the midwest – especially during the fall! I ate way too many apple cider donuts and made Dave drive a half hour out of our way to find them, but there is nothing like a good, midwestern apple cider donut. Eastcoasters, no, those donuts you call ‘cider donuts’ are not the same and you do not know what you are missing! I digress..

Before heading out to the suburbs to enjoy the wedding festivities Dave and I spent the night downtown at an adorable little hotel and did a little urban exploring. We went on a sunset walk from our hotel to Millennium Park and the views did not disappoint.



Although one of my favorite things about DC is that there are no skyscrapers allowed (it feels so European and we can always see the sky!) there really is something beautiful about walking through tall buildings and lights.



Believe it or not, neither of us had ever been to ‘the bean’ – it wasn’t there when I was growing up! I have to say that night time might be the best time to go and see the sculpture! The reflections and the lights on the surface were absolutely mesmerizing.




Did we mention that we were also in Chicago during the World Series? So fun.



Thank you, Chicago! It was fun!


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