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After three months of cold, April, you were a breath of fresh air. We began the month with the Washington, DC cherry blossoms and 70 degree weather and then I headed to Los Angeles for even more amazing 70 degree weather. I ended the month in New Jersey, which surprisingly also gave me 70 degree weather. It doesn’t get much better than that, folks. Yes, I know it’s already May, so happy Cinco de Mayo and here is a look at my past month:

Making : Photographs and loving it.
Cooking : Hardly anything. Been traveling too much!
Drinking : Iced coffee because it’s finally warm enough!
Reading : Bossy Pants by Tina Fey (okay, fine. Technically it was the audio book)
Wanting : These beautiful spring days too go by slowly
Looking : At all of the millions of blossoms lining the city
Playing : Too many of the HGTV episodes that just hit Netflix
Wasting :  Too many hours in airports this month, but at least I got a voucher!
Wishing : California palm trees grew in DC
Enjoying : All the time I got to spend with friends and family this month
Waiting : …not really. Time is moving pretty fast these days
Liking : Being home in DC with my husband and friends
Wondering : What the Lord has for us next
Loving : Sleeping in my own bed for the foreseeable future
Hoping : 2015 slows the heck down
Needing : To take some deep breaths and enjoy the journey
Smelling : Wisteria. Cherry Blossoms. So many spring florals hitting my senses
Wearing : Dresses for the first time in months
Noticing : How pale my poor legs are. Come on sun tan! (who am I kidding?)
Knowing : I really do love this little life of ours
Thinking : I should take more time each day to remember every thing I am grateful for
Feeling : A little overwhelmed, but grateful for changes ahead


Anyone else taking stock lately? I’d love to see your posts.

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