By: Erica Baker On: June 05, 2015 In: Our Life Comments: 0

May. Spring was in full force, we spent time with both of our extended families, we celebrated 5 years of marriage, and we made some big life decisions. May, you were pretty good to us!

Making : A lot of lists. We have a lot of get done in the next few weeks.
Cooking : So many meals on our grill!
Drinking : Margarita with Trader Joe’s mix. Cinco de Mayo anyone?
Reading : Blogs? I have not been a great reader this month…
Wanting : To enjoy these last few weeks in our neighborhood with friends
Looking : Forward to some new adventures with my husband
Playing : Pandora through our new Jambox constantly (yes, we still use Pandora)
Wasting : Too much time on social media…
Wishing : All of our business/tax paperwork was magically finished
Enjoying : Some change around the corner.
Waiting : For for a plane ride at the end of this next month.
Liking : Air reward miles. Anyone want to give us some more?
Wondering : How we are going to get everything done this month!
Loving : What a great five years it’s been being married to Dave
Hoping : The next season of life is as sweet as this one
Needing : To take some deep breaths and enjoy the journey (same as last month!)
Smelling : Coffee – the rainy days have had us craving it.
Wearing : Sweaters and rain-friendly clothing
Noticing : For the millionth time, how amazing my friends are
Knowing : The Lord has always and will always lead us
Thinking : Risks are necessary and everything is going to work out!
Feeling : A little overwhelmed, but grateful for changes ahead (same as last month!)


Sorry for being so vague about life decisions and pretty much everything in this post – I will update you soon!

Anyone else taking stock lately? I’d love to see your posts.

PS – Taking Stock is a monthly post series. You can see others here, herehere and here.

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