Trier Family Vacation in Cape Charles, Virginia


I sure do love living in Washington, DC but this Michigan-girl really misses living by water. I just find so much comfort in the breeze that comes in over the water and sound of the waves hitting the shore. A week by the ocean with family and friends was exactly what Dave and I needed. We rented a house by the water that had a littler private beach and neighborhood swimming pool with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and the Bowers family. We spent all day every day just relaxing by the ocean or pool, reading and chatting – I even got a tan! (A miracle, let me tell you) We were all in agreement at the end of the week that this was one of our favorite vacations we’ve ever taken. The only real bummer about the vacation was that my youngest sister Alyssa couldn’t make it. There’s always next year!

When we first arrived at the house we realized that we had terrible cell phone reception and incredibly slow wifi. At first I was a little worried about being unexpectedly off the grid, but it ended up being one of the most relaxing things about my week! My week was not filled with screens but with real paperback books and conversations. Lovely.


Our week was also full of long evening walks on the beach to collect shells and watch the crabs run along the shore.

CapeCharles_2014--11 CapeCharles_2014--25

Our week was full of little giggles and sand toys.


Our week was filled with corn hole. So much corn hole. They even brought it inside when it rained!


Part of my vacation from work as a photographer involved leaving my camera in it’s bag for a few days during the trip. However, on our last night, after the Bowers has already headed home, we realized that we didn’t have many photos from the trip and decided to head to the beach for the last sunset.

CapeCharles_2014--36 CapeCharles_2014--40 CapeCharles_2014--51 CapeCharles_2014--52 CapeCharles_2014--38

They gave  the vacation a thumbs up! ha.

CapeCharles_2014--53 CapeCharles_2014--55 CapeCharles_2014--39CapeCharles_2014--63CapeCharles_2014--68

Don’t mind our beach waves and sun burns. It was a wonderful and relaxing trip. We all loved it so much that we even started scheming and dreaming about buying a beach house. Maybe next year ha.


Thanks for the memories Cape Charles, Virginia!

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  1. Oh, I love your beautiful beach hair! We went to the beach recently, too, and I forced myself to leave my camera behind a bit as well. It feels so good to connect without something (literally) hanging between you and your family!


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