By: Erica Baker On: June 15, 2015 In: Our Life, Travel Comments: 7

A few changes are happening here at the Baker house – including our actual house (!). We have always dreamed of doing some extended travel and have decided to take advantage of a career change to make this dream a reality. In short, we have one way tickets to Uganda and will be flying out in two weeks to work on some video and photography projects. After some time in East Africa we will be slowly making our way back to DC while traveling to some pretty amazing destinations.

How? Dave received a job offer than we are both excited about and will be starting his new job in the fall (more on that later) so we decided to take advantage of the time in between. We are also giving up our beloved row house apartment (I am still mourning this a little bit) and putting all of our possessions in storage for the duration of our trip.

Where are we going? We will be planning our trip as we go, but after East Africa our brains are spinning with ideas like Istanbul and Capetown – we will see how everything actually turns out! We will be posting on the blog and on instagram during the trip, so you can follow along if you feel so inclined! (have you seen instagram’s new minimalist design? I love it!)

Dave’s Instagram: @bakeradave

Erica’s Instagram: @ericabakerphoto

The next two weeks are full of logistical details involving insurance, forwarding addresses, packing up our house, moving, and deciding how to pack for two months in the most efficient way. Wish us luck!

Anybody have any ideas about where we should go? Any packing advice? Let us know!

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