By: Erica Baker On: September 28, 2015 In: Our Life, Thoughts, Travel Comments: 2

After 10 weeks of non-stop travel we are back home in DC and settling into a new rhythm of life here. So many people have asked us what we are up to post #bakerstravel and I am here to give you a quick update in the form of bullet points to answer some FAQ’s:

  • Where are you living now?? We are back in DC! Yes, we gave up our apartment in order to live the nomad life for a summer so we are currently on the hunt for a new home. We are currently staying with a very gracious friend while we resettle.
  • What are you doing for work?? Dave started a job as Managing Director at Bittersweet Creative – a company we have been involved with through contributing to Bittersweet Monthly and through freelancing for two years now. I have jumped right back into my photography business and am so thankful for clients that stuck around after I was unavailable for the summer. We couldn’t be more excited about this next chapter!
  • Did traveling make you want to move abroad or keep living a nomad-life?? Yes and no. We had an amazing time this summer and love getting to explore new places, however we really value our community here in DC and missed them a lot while away. For now we are really loving the balance of having roots in DC and traveling for projects a few weeks a year. When we boarded our last flight we felt really ready to be home and had so much peace about our decision to come back to our beloved Washington, DC.
  • What was your favorite place?? What a hard question. We loved every place we visited and met so many kind, awesome people, but if you are going to put pressure on us to pick a place, I would say that we both loved Iceland. It was so different than anywhere else we’d ever been and we just took a week to road trip and explore together – it will forever be a favorite memory for us.
  • How have you been readjusting to DC life?? Oh, well we feel a little displaced with all of our earthly belongings in two different basements in different states and we are pretty sick of living out of suitcases. However, we are so humbled by the generosity of the friends who are storing our things and letting us crash on their couches, so we can’t really complain. When I feel overwhelmed I just look at photos from the summer and remind myself that it was worth it. It feels good to be home.
  • Can we buy photos/prints/coffee table books?? I am working on that  – stay tuned!
  • Will you blog about your travels??  YES! I unexpectedly took 3 months off from blogging. Before leaving for our two months of travel I really thought I would love updating you all on our adventures in real time, but I found that working while we traveled was fairly exhausting. This, paired with jetlag, left me with only enough energy to update instagram at the end of each day. I felt that blogging became a source of stress rather than a source of joy while exploring – so I just stopped and enjoyed the journey. I don’t regret it, but I do apologize for the lack of warning. Now that we’re back, I can’t wait to share a backlog of posts with you all!

There you have it, a little update from the Bakers. Check back for more! I missed this little blog. I hope you all had an amazing summer!

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