By: Erica Baker On: March 09, 2015 In: Photography, Travel Comments: 3

In honor of International Women’s Day I wanted to take a minute to honor all of the incredible women who I’ve had the privilege of meeting over the past few years through this blessing of a job that I have.

Here’s to the girls who jumped off of the back of a truck to escape Boko Haram.

Here’s to the single mom in North Carolina who worked her and her children out of a homeless shelter.

Here’s to the women all over the world who got up early this morning to sell wares at the market making money for their family.

Here’s to the grandmothers who raise their grandchildren when their mothers can’t.

Here’s to the woman celebrating one year cancer-free.

Here’s to the woman recording stories of hope all over the world.

Here’s to the teenager who just gave birth to her first child resulting from a young marriage.

Here’s to the girl who’s working to finish high school and give herself more options than the Red Light district.

Here’s to the women hustling everyday starting their own businesses.

Here’s to the woman using her PhD to counsel other mothers all over the world.

Here’s to the woman who escaped guerrilla warfare with her little girl in tow.

Here’s to the woman loving a child she adopted the same way she loves the children she grew in her womb.

Here’s to the women caring for children day in and day out in orphanages all over the world.

Here’ to all of us. You inspire me.

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