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My-Second-Fix Stitch Fix Review #2 Our Life

I got my second “fix” in the mail just before we left for family vacation last week and I was incredibly excited to see what was inside the box. I had a great experience with Stitch fix the first time that I tried it so I couldn’t wait to see what my stylist chose for me this time. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, I will explain:

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends you hand picked items in the mail to try on. It’s pretty awesome. You create a style profile, or even a Pinterest board to send to your stylist, and they select clothes that they think you will like. After you receive the package in the mail you are given a few days to try on the clothes and you send back anything you don’t want. Your stylist gets to know your style over time and therefore selects better items for you the more times you get a ‘fix”.

There is a $20 styling fee, but it becomes credit toward any item of clothing you want to purchase -and if you decide to purchase all 5 items you receive 25% off of the total purchase! You have about 3 days to decide what you would like to keep and then you check out online – so you aren’t charged for any of the clothing until you check out. They also include an easy pre-paid shipping bag that makes it very convenient to ship any unwanted clothes back.

My first fix landed me three new items that I love – including a pair of jeans! Without further ado, here is what came in fix #2.

stitch-fix-review-2_31 Stitch Fix Review #2 Our Life

The first item was the striped dress pictured on the left. I liked the dress and my stylist obviously looked at my Pinterest board because I pin a lot of stripes, however I already own a striped dress that is fairly similar so I ended up sending it back. The second item was the striped tank pictured on the right side. I actually liked the way this looked when I took it out of the box, but the fit was just too boxy and a little short for me, so back it goes!

stitch-fix-review-2_42 Stitch Fix Review #2 Our Life

Item #3 was the shorts above. They were actually more of a tan and black thin stripe even though the photo makes them look green (reminded me of a train conductor, but in a cute way). I liked these initially, but after trying them on I was less thrilled. I just didn’t like them enough to justify the price, so back they went!

stitch-fix-review-2_51 Stitch Fix Review #2 Our Life

The next item was the necklace on the right. I knew right away that I wouldn’t keep this because I am not a huge “pink person” and it just wasn’t quite my style. So at this point you are probably wondering if I kept anything, don’t worry, the top pictured on the left was a winner!

Dave snapped a few photos of me in the shirt outside of a coffee shop while on vacation. We had a little mini date to get wifi coffee one morning while at the beach. You may also recognize the jeans from my first Stitch Fix box. Back to the shirt. I loved the lace details and am always a sucker for navy blue. I also wanted to keep at least one item in order to keep my styling fee – and plus it was free! Free? Yes free. How? Let me explain.

stitch-fix-review-2_1 Stitch Fix Review #2 Our Life

Stitch Fix has a referral program that is pretty much AMAZING. Basically you receive $25 in credits for every person who orders a fix using your referral code. A few of you used my referral code when I posted about my first fix (thank you!!) and I was able to earn some money toward shopping via Stitch Fix. I don’t know what I love more, getting clothes shipped to my house or earning free clothes.

So what did I think of Fix #2? I must admit I am a bit disappointed with this fix compared to the last one. I felt that the pieces last time were just more “me”. I had a different stylist this time so there is a good chance that contributed to the different boxes. However, I still had a lot of fun and got a free shirt! Not too bad. I am obviously not that disappointed because I already signed up for my next fix in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to see what’s in box #3!

Would I recommend Stitch Fix to a friend? You bet. (even if they don’t use my referral link. ha.) It’s a fun and convenient way to get unique clothes and can potentially earn you free shopping. What’s not to like?

That being said, if you want to try Stitch Fix I wouldn’t hate it if you signed up using my referral code or by clicking the box below.

300x250-02_qkvh8z Stitch Fix Review #2 Our Life



PS – Check out my First Fix and my Fourth Fix to see what I got in my other boxes! 

***This post was not sponsored by Stitch Fix and is my own personal opinion. However, the links provided are my referral links and will kick back a little shopping money for me if you decide to purchase a "Fix" using my links.
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