Evening in Victoria, Colombia


While waiting for Dave to shoot a video time lapse by this beautiful, old church on our last night in Colombia, I decided to wander around the neighborhood. As I was walking I heard the sound of horses and looked up to see a group of Colombian cowboys thundering up the street on their way to a local bar. The way the Colombian cowboys move with their horses as they ride is unlike anything I have seen before. Their horses are a breed known as Paso Fino and they have the most unique and stunning gait. I don’t really know how to describe it to you, but you can see it here in this video.

When they arrived at the bar, they tied up their horses on the trees outside, joking and laughing with each other as they entered the building. This man was gracious enough to let me take his photo as he tied up his beautiful horse. People watching on this particular night in Colombia was such a lovely way to spend the evening. I love getting a glimpse into everyday life in other parts of the world.

Victoria-2 Victoria-15Victoria-11 Victoria-3

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  1. beautiful shots. I remember when we lived in Miami the hubby and I got to see some of paso fino horses. You are so right they have a unique gait.


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