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Coen Robert Baker.

Born at 2:59 am on December 23, 2016. We are absolutely in love.

I plan to write a more in depth birth story at a later date, but I can’t believe that just two days after I posted my last blog post about the third trimester, we were on our way to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital around 10 pm on December 21st and went home at about 12pm on Christmas day – so it was a relatively long labor and hospital stay. In spite of all of my fears about having a “Christmas baby” bringing home our son on Christmas day felt magical and perfect.

Here is a little video Dave took of me and Coen leaving the hospital. Yes, I am wearing sweat pants, hospital socks, and Dave’s slippers. Ha. Oh the joys of birth and recovery.


The Story of His Name…

Meaning: Brave
Pronunciation: KO-en

The name Coen is special to us because he was named after several family members. My maternal grandfather’s name was Coe Roberts. He passed away a couple of years ago, but he was the patriarch of my large, crazy Irish American family. He was known for his sense of humor and his devotion to his family and faith. Coe is an Irish name and it was also my great-grandfather’s middle name. When my mother was born my grandparents decided to name her Coeleen Roberts after my grandfather. My mother is a beautiful person and an incredible mother. I have such fond and special memories of her throughout my childhood and if I am half the mother she has been to me, Coen will be one lucky little guy. He is already so blessed to have her as his grandmother.

In addition to the name Coen being a family name, we loved that the name Coen was a nod to Dave and my semester in Ireland and our love for the country. The meaning of his name was also very important to us. We felt that choosing his name was like the first prayer spoken over him, so we were delighted to name him “brave”.

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Meaning: Bright, Shining

The name Robert is special to us many times over as he is named after many people with one name. Dave’s maternal grandfather’s name is Robert and my paternal grandfather’s name is also Robert. In addition, my mother’s maiden name is also Roberts, and his uncle Chris’ middle name is Robert is well. When you add Coen’s last name Baker to the list, which was passed down from Dave’s paternal grandfather, Coen was named for all four of his great-grandfathers. We are so proud to name him after my mother and the incredible men who make up his heritage.

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Coen, we pray that you will grow into the meanings of your names and be a brave and bright, shining light. May you grow into a man who is a bold champion for others and may you radiate love. We love you and cannot wait to watch who you become.

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