Just in case you were under a rock this past week and some how missed it – Washington, DC had a blizzard this week! We stayed warm and cozy in our apartment on Saturday making lots of coffee (as evidenced by the photos of Dave grinding coffee beans in bulk). Our little cacti collection tried to stay warm by the windows as the snow fell – and it actually got to be about three times that amount on the window sill by Sunday!


We eventually ventured outside on Sunday when the snow finally stopped coming down and the snow plows started running. Capitol Hill was the quietest I had ever seen it and the snow made our neighborhood look like a postcard. I loved watching the Washingtonians step out of their homes and walk down the center of normally busy streets with pure wonder in their eyes. Washington, DC is not exactly a town that usually stops and slows down, so it was such a treat to be forced to slow the city down for a few days.

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Yea, it’s been five days since the snow started falling and we haven’t attempted to move our car yet…we may need to borrow a snow shovel! Many thanks to the people in the photo below who were in walking distance during the blizzard and shared board game nights and brunch with us while snowed in. You were great blizzard buddies!


PS – Anyone remember last years snow days? They were epic, but the snow fall was no were near this years! Snow days are probably my favorite thing about winter.

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