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As a girl who grew up in the arctic tundra, I mean Michigan, I have a complicated relationship with winter. On one hand I am really sick of the air hurting my face every time I open my front door, but on the other hand, there are few things greater than sitting under a blanket with a good book as snow falls outside.

A few weeks ago I was pretty darn angry with winter. I mean, the cold air was burning my lungs as I ran errands, but we hadn’t even had one snow day. Come one winter. This is how it works: You make us miserable with your freezing temperatures and then reward us with a few days off from work. Get it together…

And then…this week!!  I love snow days. They are like the lollipop after your childhood inoculations. Sure, it totally sucked while you were going through it, but somehow the sugar rush makes you totally forget the horror of the shot. We had some epic snow days over the past week, complete with everyone’s favorite giant, fluffy snow flakes, and I am all of a sudden not totally hating on February.

Let me tell you about these epic snow days.

First. We had the blessing of a snow day the day after President’s Day which translates to a FOUR DAY WEEKEND. Okay, confession: Dave and I both worked from home during this snow day but there were scented candles and slippers and coffee so I am not complaining. Sure, the rest of the country laughed at the government being shut down over 4 inches, but hey, we are really terribly equipped for this sort of thing.

Second. We often host pancake breakfasts for friends on Saturdays (that is a whole other blog post for a later date) and pretty soon after beginning our carb-consumption fest we noticed that the snow accumulation outside was much larger than anticipated. The roads were once again looking a bit precarious, so what adult-decision is there to be made? GROUP SNOW DAY! Yes, we played board games, ordered pizza, and pulled out our couch into a bed for group movie-watching. Until oh, maybe 11 pm. I am an extrovert who loved hosting people so this was kind of a dream come true.

See evidence in my friends’ instagram which I stole for this post: (thanks James and Natalie!)

snow-day-grid Winter. As seen by the iphone. Our Life Washington DC

Third. Technically this was not snow related,  but we ended up losing power for the afternoon on Sunday. It turned into a blessing in disguise as we recovered from unexpectedly hosting people for 12+ hours the day before. (not that I didn’t love it) Dave and I lit candles, made french press coffee and dinner with the help of our gas stove and a ridiculous head lamp, and did a lot of reading. It was glorious. Don’t worry, the power came back just in time to watch the Oscar’s, so all was right in the world.

snow-day-grid2 Winter. As seen by the iphone. Our Life Washington DC

The snow continues to fall this morning as I get ready to post this. The top photo is literally the view from my front window this morning – don’t worry we had a little more snow than that when it was an official snow day. Kinda. Ha.

Well winter, it was fun. Cherry blossoms, I am ready for you now!

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