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leaves1 Taking Stock // October Thoughts

This is the view as I walk up my front steps on this rainy, Autumn day. It’s such a lovely, colorful greeting. I have seen lists like this around blog-land lately and thought it would be a nice little ‘catch up’. I believe you see the original list here.

Making : Pumpkin baked goods for days – and I’m not even a huge pumpkin fan
Cooking : Not nearly enough lately. Traveling has left us with some empty cupboards.
Drinking : Apple cider from the Farmer’s market by our house.
Reading : The book of Job – good, but not the most uplifting thing I’ve ever read
Wanting : Not a whole lot right now. I am feeling pretty content
Looking : Ahead. I am both excited and anxious about our near future
Playing : Too many episodes of Gilmore Girls (now that it’s on netflix!)
Wasting : All of these warm days wishing I could wear my fall clothes
Wishing : I could peak ahead and see our life a year from now
Enjoying : The leaves changing on the tree outside my window.
Waiting : For our trip to Guyana in a few weeks
Liking : Instagram and the uplifting ‘community’ I see there
Wondering : What our next steps should be
Loving : Our community here in DC. We have some amazing friends
Hoping : Winter doesn’t come to quickly.
Needing : To clean out my closet and get rid of all the clothes I don’t wear anymore.
Smelling : A Salted Carmel candle that smells like fall but makes me crave sweets
Wearing : A new necklace from Noon Day Collection
Noticing : I don’t take enough photographs for fun anymore
Knowing : I would feel a lot better if I went to the gym this week
Thinking : This is a sweet, sweet season in our lives.
Feeling : Joyful. In a deep, deep way.

Anyone else taking stock lately? I’d love to see your posts.

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